The Leopard Safari tour packages offer
unique opportunity to explore wilds of India.
Organized and executed to perfection the tours are
conducted on field by experienced naturalists and birders.
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Experience unforgettable, expert-led game drives with service bespoke to you throughout your safari.

This place is blessed with natural rocky hill outcrops which is an ideal hide-out for a leopard's habitat. The famous leopard sanctuary with Indian leopard is main attraction however there are other wild animals like Hyena, Jackal, Black faced monkey, sloth bear, hanuman langur and Indian porcupines are the main species found in Jawai region.

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Flaura Fauna

The Jawai region is famous for its fauna which includes birds, reptiles, amphibians and big cats.

The Jawai crocodile sanctuary and Kambeshwar Jee leopard sanctuary are not only famous in India but well-known across the globe. Jawai region is an environment with a diverse fauna, which captures the hearts and minds of all who visit this beautiful region.

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Jawai Dam

Jawai Dam Crocodile Sanctuary with Indian & Migratory birds & Kambeshwar Ji leopard sanctuary situated nearby.

one of western Rajasthan’s largest water reservoirs and a sparkling attraction for an array of migratory birds, including flamingos, geese and cranes.

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Tradition, modernity, ancient landscape and potent wildlife, perfectly encapsulated the magic of Rajasthan

Tall stately men, moustaches bristling under vast and intricately tied crimson turbans herded their goats and cattle past us while just over 100 yards away, perched on the rocky ledge of a hill a leopard calmly surveyed the scene.

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Nayan Kothari

Excellent place. Good for family and friends. Must visit. Great staff, location and property. Nature and Wild in one place. more

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it was an awesome experience for us.. especially the owners Meghraj were just super hosts.. more